Build an Emergency Safety Kit to Carry in Your Vehicle

May 10th, 2017 by

Build Emergency Safety Kit for Your Vehicle

Land Rover’s impressive lineup of vehicles provides drivers with a vehicle you can depend on.  However, it is still always good to be prepared for potential issues.  That is why you should always have an Emergency Safety Kit available in your vehicle.  This can be so valuable if you end up in a difficult situation while travelling.  Or you could help another motorist with an issue.

Building Your Emergency Safety Kit

You can easily put together your own emergency kit with items that work best for you.  Make sure your kit includes items such as:

Safety Items:  stocked First Aid Kit, roadside flares, seatbelt cutter / glass breaker tool, inexpensive pay-as-you-go cell phone, small fire extinguisher, and flashlight

Tools and Repair Essentials:  jumper cables, extra fuses for your vehicle lights, tire inflator, and a small tool kit filled with essentials including duct tape

Comfort Items:  a warm blanket, bottled water, variety of non-perishable snacks

Winter Necessities (add these to your kit in the Autumn):  Sand or an ice melting product and ice scraper

Hopefully you will never need these items but you will appreciate having them if the need arises.  There is plenty of cargo space in your Land Rover to carry your Emergency Safety Kit plus all your usual cargo!  Contact the Parts Department at Land Rover Colorado Springs if you need to order parts for your kit.