Land Rover Defender Prototype Completes More Testing

June 13th, 2019 by

The rugged Land Rover Defender prototype has undergone more testing to ensure it will be the most capable and powerful SUV possible.  This was done by testing the vehicle with the Tusk organization in Kenya, Africa.  This lion conservation initiative needs a vehicle capable of taking on the rugged and unpredictable terrain of the 14,000-hectare Borana Conservancy.  The specially camouflaged Defender prototype was helpful in the organization’s efforts to track lions which required this adventure-ready Land Rover to pull heavy loads as it forded rivers and took on challenging terrain.  All this testing shows just how tough and capable this Defender will be and how easily it will meet the challenges of a variety of terrains.  Land Rover has been a proud official partner of the Tusk wildlife conservation charity for 15 years.

After lots of testing, the new Land Rover Defender will be making its world premiere later in 2019.  Land Rover Colorado Springs will be sure to pass along info when the vehicle is in production so you can reserve yours!