Range Rover Features Innovative Traffic Sign Recognition System

September 26th, 2017 by

Range Rover incorporates so many innovative features in its vehicles!  These exciting features help create a better driving experience for the driver and passengers of the Range Rover.  One of these features is the Traffic Sign Recognition System.  The video above gives a great, detailed explanation of this system and its benefits.

The Traffic Sign Recognition System uses a forward-facing camera to detect speed limit signs and then displays that data on your vehicle message center or head-up display.  It can also detect other traffic signs such as no passing and relay that information.  You can set the system to alert you to exceeding the posted speed by a specified amount.  Don’t worry….you can also turn off the system!

Range Rover With Traffic Sign Recognition Available in Colorado Springs

Visit Land Rover Colorado Springs to learn more about the Range Rover and its many innovative systems.  Take a test drive and test this system out for yourself!